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The most overlooked area of any maintenance and repairs business is the inventory management of small consumables (ie. fasteners, clips, and electrical supplies). Companies resort to using industrial vendors who claim service and quality products but their price tag on the products far exceed the industry comfort levels and the worst part is that they seldom deliver on their promises.

Mobile Threads is a product driven, inventory management company that systematically provides proper products levels through route distribution and bin organization on a consistant basis. This method is what I like to call the "ZERO AGGRAVATION SYSTEM".

We are in a new world of enterprise and those whose true intentions aren't to help others, but rather deepen their pockets through "sales manipulation" and the "bait and switch" have soured the industrial supply industry, like the old perception of the "used car salesman". (*Not all companies perform this way but it is becoming a growing trend and I will bring it to light when I see it.)

This has to change because business today is not business as usual. We all need to be efficient, well-organized, competent, and resourceful. Companies have to trim the excess waste from purchases, product loss, and excessive labor costs. A successful business is one who adopts systems and organizational processes that anyone can follow.

Mobile Threads is a company that has been created using my many years of experience and knowledge and have recently perfected my "Zero Aggravation System" for the profitability of the Automotive and Industrial Maintenance industries. 

The "Zero Aggravation System" takes the selling process out of the picture and it is taught at no charge. It's easy to put into place and simple to follow.

CALL ME (Kyle) TODAY and I will share with you the system that is taking business by storm!  443-324-1997

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